Barbara is 23.
In the photo she is hiding her nice huge transparent bracelets unfortunately. I interested in her because of her funny cap - I hope it is visible- it is made of the black leather, it looks like some offficer's cap! :)


Esther, 19, from Sweden
She told me that she always wears dresses. And she likes huge accesories.


Dawid is 16, he is interested mainly in women ;)
He was hurrying up.

Ewa and Justyna

Ewa (51, on the left) is a teacher, her daughter, Justyna (23) is a student. Ewa is interested in everything which is connected with children, especially in literature. Justyna is interested in a theatre of dance. They enjoy going to second hands, watching Fashion TV, where they are searching for an inspiration. They are like to look in original way, catch trends before others- like e.g. headscarves, turbans, laced gloves and embroidered tights. The handbag of Ewa becomes from a secondhand in Jędrzejów.

begginings are difficult

My name is Gabriella.
I came from one of the most wonderful cities in the world, from Cracow.
I love walking in Cracow with a camera and taking photos of the things which enthuse me.
After long walking in the streets of my city, viewing of other websites and newspapers about fashion, going to second hands and butiques in the seeking of inspiration, looking for a long months at the people on the hel-looks.com for example, I aged out to create a new website about a streetfashion in Cracow.
I would like to show how are the people living here are wore, what's their ideas, usually worth of photographying.
I don't want to document what are the newest trends, I want to catch some people with them individual style..
I hope that Cracovians won't fail me. ;)