He's 18.
He listens to alternative rock and modern jazz.
Hubert has got quite elegant style, but he usually wears Converse shoes to everything.
Shoes: as usual :-)
And the rest of his today's image: Zara


She studies psychology, speaks swedish and keeps a business.
Dress: Promod
Patchwork handbag: borrowed of her friend
Tights: she didn't remember a brand
Shoes: Galeria Krakowska


He's 19 and works as a model.
In fashion Szymon appreciates mostly minimalism.



Karolina is 17, she's a student of art school. She paints oil-colour there.
In her free time, she often makes a piercing.
She looks like a listener of rockabilly music, but likes mainly punk and ska.

Harrington jacket: Harrington
Polo T-shirt and bag: Fred Perry
Skirt: sewed by Karolina
Cap: C&A
Bracelets: flea market in Berlin
Shoes: Martens

Magdalena Olek

She is a journalist of PSD magazine, she writes of computer graphics.
Magda's also interested in photography and darwinism.

Dress, shoes and jewellery: Bershka
Tights and bag: she didn't remember brands of them
Bicycle: Hercules



Michał appreciates individuality. He likes to buy untypical but cheap clothes, things with soul and their own history.
Blouse: Quicksilver
Waistcoat is a part of business suit
Jeans: Vero Moda
Shoes: Vans
Belt: Levis
Hat: found in a wardrobe