Swoting instead of living

I appreciate that so many people visit my blog and leave comments under my rants. Unfortunatelly it's examination session right now and I just don't have enough time to lie in wait for new prey. It means a short break in updates. They will be resumed as soon as I passed my history exam. Keep your fingers crossed :-).



Dominika is 20, she studies international relations and works as a waitress.

Ingredients: ;-)
80's coat, remodelled.
It's not indigo, but purple really.
Trousers: Morgan
Shirt: Benneton
Shoes: Atmosphere
Handbag: H&M



She's 20.
She studies fashion designing in Australia, where she came from.
She's interested in music (mainly alternative) and computer graphics.
Click on to see her projects.

Coat, boots and dress: Zara ( :P )
Handbag: Kookai
Her mum's retro leggins
and her boyfriend's watch (Guess)



Zosia is 16, she likes cats and listen to reggae, chillout and classical music.
She told me that she got her earrings in a grocery [sic!] .
She doesn't really care in what shops she gets dressed.

Dress: H&M ( :P )
Coat: Orsay
Scarf: found somewhere
Tights: she didn't remember a shop :-)